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The start-up with a social vocation that supports causes and projects proposed by the community thanks to the responsible purchases of its users.

The start-up with a social vocation that supports causes and projects proposed by the community thanks to the responsible purchases of its users.

This Christmas box is a sweet gift designed for you to make the Christmas holidays even more special. It is the result of a careful selection of simple and genuine products, made with love and respect for human and the environment, with the aim of doing good by doing good to yourself.


Part of the proceeds will go to support the cause of RimboschiAmo, an environmental protection association, which undertakes every day to plant native plants, following the most up-to-date criteria of "restoration ecology" applied to the Mediterranean environment.


The archaeological park of Streppenosa (Ragusa) was chosen for the plant in order to give new life to the urban or extra-urban public lands used by the community. Trees will benefit not only the environment but also the physical and mental health of the people who frequent them. A project that contrasts desertification and instills love for nature in adults and children.

The friends of RimboschiAmo thank you for your precious support and invite you to know the details of their initiative clicking here.


And now we have the pleasure of giving you some information on the products contained in this box, hoping they will be useful for getting to know the partners who support us in this wonderful journey in defense of our dear Planet a little more closely. Together, we can!



Filippo Leonardi organic honey

Filippo Leonardi's organic honey is an expression of absolute quality, the result of the work of healthy bees, bred in uncultivated and uncontaminated fields, far from any form of pollution, in the woods of the forestry property of Sicily and Calabria. Filippo Leonardi has been a professional beekeeper since 1984 and founded the Solmielato company, thanks to which he has obtained many international awards. A passion linked to respect for nature, which led the company to achieve extraordinary levels of quality with honey but also with royal jelly and pollen produced by bee friends. Filippo Leonardi's organic honey has various quality certifications including the Raw Food brand which gives it all the organoleptic characteristics of raw honey, freshly picked from the hive.

Filippo Leonardi's honey is test-proof: on the website it is possible to consult the analyzes carried out on the honeys which prove its quality, wholesomeness and provenance.

To find out more, visit the website and




Solmielato Organic Jams

Solmielato Organic Jams are born from the union of the best Sicilian citrus fruits and their own orange blossom honey. A combination of aromas and flavors that gives the jams unique organoleptic characteristics. The processing, which does not involve the use of semi-finished ingredients, and which begins with the transformation of the citrus fruits immediately after harvesting, allows the natural freshness of the fruit to be kept unaltered.

Excellent to spread on bread for a sweet snack or to garnish your tarts.

To find out more, visit the website




Natural Digestive Herbal Tea Boniviri bay leaf and lemon zest

The Boniviri company was born with the aim of making our table tasty and sustainable by creating social and environmental value. Boniviri herbal teas are the result of a careful selection of aromatic herbs from Etna. The herbal tea we have chosen for you is the digestive one, made with bay leaf and lemon peel, excellent for aiding digestion after large holiday meals. Better known as the traditional "canary" due to the color released by the lemon peel, it contains laurel, an aromatic plant rich in essential oils such as eucalyptol, geraniol and pinene, present in both the leaves and berries, it acts on the stomach to improve digestion , bringing calming and balancing benefits. Boniviri herbal teas and infusions can be drunk both hot and cold. To find out more about the project, visit the website



San Pietro chocolate shop.

The truffled dried fruit and the dark chocolate bar that we have created for you are the result of the passion and professionalism of the chocolatier Massimiliano Pace, who produces a variety of chocolates, pralines, jaws in the territory of the Cyclops Riviera... the result of a unusual combination: the refined Belgian processing method meets the quality of Sicilian raw materials, such as almonds, hazelnuts and citrus fruits, giving life to products with an incomparable fragrance. The cocoa used by Massimiliano is of the National Arriba variety, strictly single origin. A very high quality Ecuadorian cocoa, with very ancient origins. The taste profile of this chocolate is very floral with characteristic bitterness, accompanied by little acidity and a pleasant hint of astringency: great breadth of the typical cocoa aromas with a long persistence in the mouth. Inside Massimiliano Pace's small workshop, everything is still entirely handmade, preserving the characteristics of unique and inimitable products.

Packaged with compostable plastic.



Viscuttedda - Small biscuits covered with sesame seeds.

A biscuit with very ancient origins and which is said to have been produced for the first time in a monastery in Sicily. Simple and genuine, made from a crumbly pastry and entirely covered with sesame seeds, they are crunchy and have a unique flavour. They are perfect after a meal, accompanied by coffee or a glass of sweet wine.

For you we have chosen those produced by the ancient "Spina" oven which since 1863, in a small village on the slopes of the Etna volcano, has been producing high quality products made by hand, with Sicilian grains and local raw materials.

Packaged with compostable plastic.

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